I started collecting in the early 80s and with space, time and reasonable funding over the years have amassed a varied collection of good not so good and unusual works of the taxidermist art.

Rowland Ward was always my main interest and when the opportunity arose to form Rowland ward “The Jungle” and the need to downsize the collection of around 500 items it seemed a good opportunity to join the internet world.

The main function is now to reduce the collection and offer sales service from other collectors together with a repair/renovation service and new mounts in the Rowland Ward style and standard.

I have dealt with many taxidermists over the years and feel confident in being able to produce high quality items from new mounts or existing older specimens recased and relabelled. The new mounts and remodelled items will bare Rowland Ward ivorine labels, I sincerely trust they will be a sign of quality and an investment for the future.

A showroom is set up near Worcester and is open by appointment displaying 100 or so items for sale from a few pounds to many thousands.

I don’t hold and will not hold any real rhino horn or modern ivory for both security reasons and my deep rooted opposition to this trade and poaching. I have resin, plaster and fibre glass copies which are virtually indistinguishable from the real thing and a fraction of the cost and free of any legal paperwork.

No animals are killed to order and we comply with any current legislation and all new commissions will require proof of provenance prior to being mounted.

Please see www.taxidermylaw.co.uk