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One of the most well known taxidermists of all time, Rowland Ward was a gifted artist, sculptor, naturalist, and sportsman. Traveling the world and doing what he loved while enjoying the good things in life, he was a traditional boy viveur of his day.

Situated in London’s fashionable Piccadilly district, his final premises became known as “The Jungle.” It was here that he developed, and for a time displayed, a vast tableau he called “Jungle Life.” Originally built for the Colonial and Indian Exhibition of 1886, the display consisted of over one hundred specimens, ranging from a full mount of an elephant to stuffed snakes, complete with artificial foliage to add an even greater touch of reality.

Ward repeated the theme in 1895 and 1896, each time with the ingenuity and attention to detail his work is famous for. What made these installments even more magnificent was that they were among the first to show the animals in their natural habitats.

Today, it is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I present to you, a relaunch of the taxidermy business and social element of his famous name. Although profit is essential to maintain and drive the business forward, I am most looking forward to building up the history and the archive.

I sell principally Rowland Ward items, both direct and on commission. I provide repair and renovation as well as new taxidermy in Rowland Ward’s signature style.

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What We Sell

A wide variety of taxidermy, curiosities, and natural history are offered on I started collecting in the early 1980s and have since amassed a varied collection of taxidermist art. Ever since my introduction to taxidermy, Rowland Ward has been one of my main interests. When the opportunity arose to form Rowland Ward “The Jungle,” it seemed like a great opportunity to join the Internet world in an attempt to downsize my collection of more than 500 items.

The main function of my website is to reduce my collection and offer sales services from other collectors. I also provide a repair and renovation service and offer new mounts in both the classic style of Rowland Ward and a more standard style of taxidermy.

After dealing with many taxidermists throughout the years, I have the experience and knowledge to confidently produce the highest quality items from new mounts or older existing specimens that need to be recased and relabeled. Both new mounts and remodeled items will bare Rowland Ward ivorine labels.

Please take a look at the Catalogue section of my website for a sampling of the items I currently offer. Among them you will find a mounted bear head, Jeffrey’s fox on a Guinea fowl, a lion, and much else. High quality images are provided for each item as well as its price.

More About

rowland ward londonWhen you purchase a piece from us, you can trust it is of the highest quality and is an investment for the future. We have a showroom set up near Worcester that is open by appointment. Around one hundred items that are available for purchase are displayed here. I’d like to note that we do not (and will not) hold any real rhino horn or modern ivory. This is primarily because of my deep-rooted opposition to the ivory trade and poaching. It is also due to security reasons. Instead, I provide resin, plaster, and fiberglass copies that are virtually indistinguishable from the original. They are a fraction of the cost and free of any legal paperwork. Furthermore, no animals are killed to order. We comply with all current legislation and all new commissions require proof of provenance prior to mounting. You can see for more information.

natural history galleryCollectors of taxidermy from around the world have long coveted Rowland Ward’s many pieces. After branching out to form his own taxidermy business in 1872, known as Rowland Ward Ltd. of Piccadilly, his fame and popularity exploded. He continued producing, developing, and improving his art to his best level for nearly 40 more years before his death.

Throughout his career, Rowland Ward strove to improve the quality and realism of his work. His goal was to bring life back into his subjects. One of the primary ways that he did this was through his intense interest in the natural world and close friendships with several of the best naturalists and sportsmen of his time. Though he was incredibly gifted and intelligent himself, he never hesitated to ask for suggestions and advice on how to improve his craft.

In fact, the new level that he was able to reach with his craft was thanks in large part to this willingness to learn from others. The input of those such as Fred Selous, Sir Samuel Baker, and Arthur Neumann helped him take his taxidermy to new levels. It also resulted in the development of a number of new techniques that revolutionized taxidermy as a whole. Many of these techniques are still used by taxidermists today.

rowland ward indian exhibitionWard is also very well known for his book “The Records of Big Game.” The historical record contains an amazingly vast amount of information about each animal. Name of species, size of specimen, and the extent of its geographical range are all included. Many hunters are of the opinion that Rowland Ward is the acceptable standard for all big game trophies, especially those from Africa.

Here at, we celebrate taxidermy with the eye for detail and enthusiasm of the late great British taxidermist Rowland Ward.

Look around my website to see if we have an item that fits your interests. And please let me know if I can help in sourcing particular items. I am also able to pass requests along to more experienced taxidermists if necessary.

Once again, my taxidermy showroom is open by appointment. It is located near Worcester in the Midlands. An appointment can be set up by phone or through email.

Thanks again for visiting my website. I would also like to thank those that I have spoken to and met over the years that have encourage me to where I am now. and I are here to help you find the next item for your own collection.

To book an appointment or find out more about the catalogue please call me or fill in the contact form.

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